Ya su!

I am Maira Folia!

A greek girl that has lived, worked and/or studied in London, Athens, New York, Brussels and Thessaloniki, but chose to start her family in Greece, during times that were not so… smooth!

My biggest lesson: YOU are the only person in this world in charge of your happiness, financial and personal success! So, take ownership, visualise your dream life and just go for it!

Over the past decade, I have discovered through many trials, errors and successes, that the secret behind building a profitable, self-fulfilling business (and life) is one:

Do what you love, and love what you do!

And that is exactly what we work on with my clients!

Since the age of 21, when I nervously took charge of the branding and marketing of our new, family owned, real-estate and tourism business, I remember recognising immediately the unique talents in people and hearing an intuitive voice telling me how to package products and services in a way that speaks to the heart.

The more experience, financial success and recognition I gained, the more I listened to this inner voice.

Five years later, apart from taking over the whole operational side of our company, and managing a team of 12 exceptional people, I created my own marketing consulting firm serving small business owners.

By combing my MBA (IE Business School of Madrid) and Management skills with my Coaching training (IPEC), today I am passionate about working with Women Entrepreneurs, helping them build their Dream Life through creating authentic and impactful brands that express their wholeness!

My talent is that I recognise (within minutes!) how you can package and monetise your unique gifts in a profitable way!

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only my closests friends know about me…!

Fact 1

I am scared of butterflies…!

Fact 2

Up until the age of 21 I was in love with the fashion industry and wanted to live in China! That is why I took-up Mandarin classes (something in which I didn’t have much success!)

Fact 3

I have two daughters!

Fact 4

I had my first daughter when I was 30. My mother had me when she was 30. And my grandmother had my mother when she was 30! (I am fascinated by this!)

Fact 5

I have origins from Greece, Panama, Russia and Turkey!

Fact 6

I love yoga and the sound of tibetan bowls! I am also a reiki practitioner!

Fact 7

I speak 5 languages: Greek, English, Spanish, French e un po di Italiano!

Fact 8

At my wedding, I sang (acapella!) my favourite love song to my husband, in front of 550 people. Watching the video is always an embarrassing moment for me.