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What is it that makes you stand out from the crowd?

Is it your content, is it your logo, or is it something else…

As Coaches, we put so much thought and effort into creating a perfect brand, choosing our ideal client, or deciding on a specific niche market. But what is it, at the end of the day, that actually makes us stand out from the crowd?

The simple answer to the complicated question is just… our identity!

It is who we really are that will set us apart from every one else in the whole world.

If we look around us at successful case- studies in our industry we will notice a pattern. We are repeatedly attracted to and trust companies, professionals and personalities that have the following traits:
1. They present themselves in an authentic way.
2. They speak to our hearts, as if they are actually in there!
3. They speak openly and with great confidence about their product, offering and knowledge

What it comes down to is that these success stories have discovered their true value, their story, their own strengths, and understood what it is that they can be most helpful with to other individuals. So their work now revolves around communicating their genuine message, to the people that are most interested in it, which is actually their ideal clients.

This makes business and life effortless.

Once you discover your true identity, what happens next is that all your focus goes on to how you can be of service to the people that most need you. So instead of pushing towards a specific goal, now your genuine and heart-felt interest is pulling you towards your mission. And when you reach this level of serving others, work never feels like work again!

You work has become your love, your passion, your drive.

And from this level of energy, sky is the limit!

<3 Maira